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Make the switch to renewable energy today with Elios: no upfront fees, we take care of the maintenance, 45% savings on electricity bills, and top-notch installation services.

No Upfront Costs

Unlike other solar companies that charge an upfront fee for panels, installation, and maintenance, Elios offers a unique model that allows customers to pay only for the energy their solar panels create—at up to a 45% discount from their regular electricity payments! That means homeowners are safe from utility price hikes or outages, saving them money in the long run. And because we don’t require any upfront fees, this is an incredibly affordable way for homeowners to switch to renewable energy.

High Quality Installation

Elios requires installers only use the most efficient panels on the market. That means your solar panels will produce more energy per watt than other models on the market, giving you even more power savings over time. Plus, our installers are highly trained professionals who go above and beyond when it comes to quality installations. You can rest assured knowing that your home will be receiving top-notch service every step of the way.

Stress Free Solar

With Elios, you can enjoy all the benefits of renewable energy without worrying about installation costs or maintenance fees. Instead, customers pay only for the electricity their panels generate—at up to a 45% discount from their regular electricity payments! It is easier than ever for homeowners to switch over to clean and reliable renewable energy sources with minimal hassle, so you can have more time living life.

Services We Provide

An Elios partnership will expand your potential market base as well as increase your conversion rate.

Expedient Approvals

We accept a wider range of credit scores, this means you to get more of your prospects approved.

Stellar Sales Support

Our sales conversion specialists are just a phone call away for your sales team. We’ll do what it takes to help you convert that sale.

Strong Maintenance Plan

Elios maintains customers solar panels for 25 years. This means you can sell Elios Solar plans with confidence.

Direct Installation Support

We understand the importance of solar system inventory availability. Elios is there to support your installers.

Latest Updates and News

Elios Funding is diligently moving forward by continually creating new solutions that will assist your teams towards greater success.

Upgrade To Digital Approval Process
CRM Software
Feb 18, 2023

Upgrade To Digital Approval Process

Elios has recently implemented a digital CRM system to connect our employees and partners.

A1 Quality Products Expanded
Jan 10, 2023

A1 Quality Products Expanded

Elios has just added the Tesla Powerwall to our extensive suite of solar system components.

Hiring More Sales Support Personelle
HR Bulletin
Dec 10, 2022

Hiring More Sales Support Personelle

We’re Growing! We currently are adding news sales support personnel to aid our sales partners.

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